The Kaleidoscope Creators on Writing, Part I

The Kaleidoscope Film
3 min readFeb 8, 2021

Get a look into the Kaleidoscope film writing process from Annabella Mineghino and Sofia Kunz.

What was the writing process like for you?

Annabella: I have never thought of myself as a writer but when Sofia came to me about an idea to write this story I thought it would be a great way to exercise my creative mind. The entire process was beautiful and seamless. I’m not sure if you’ve ever written a script with someone else solely over video chat with a 9 hour time difference, but I highly recommend it. We would bounce thoughts off of each other, then run with it for a few days on our own, then meet up again to share an explosion of ideas, storyboards, and even script excerpts. It was really great to see how our first drafts looked compared to the last. Overall, this entire process gave me a lot more respect for writers and I can’t wait to do it again.

Sofia: The entire process was unlike anything I have ever experienced. Bella and I were working in different time zones so I was waking up at 6am while there were times she was heading to bed at 2am. At the beginning we were working in 3 hour blocks as we combed through the concepts, the characters, the story line. We had strict personal deadlines which I believe allowed us to get to where we are now. As first time writers, we could have continued editing for, who knows how long! Having deadlines and meeting them allowed us to accept and gain confidence in ourselves that we had the best version at that given time. It’s very exciting putting an idea to paper and seeing it take a life of its own! I still can’t believe we wrote this and this might be cheesy, but no one I would have rather done it with than, Bella. Very glad she ran with this idea to write a short!

What is your favorite line & why?

Annabella: My favorite line is “why didn’t you let me help?”. Not necessary a profound line at first glance, however, this line shows the empathy that the two sisters have for one another. When your family member- especially your sister- is going through a difficult time, there is always a part of you that wants to help.

Sofia: It’s a tie and I can’t choose between the two, so don’t ask me to choose a favorite! On the beach there is a moment where Paloma discloses “Being missed is better than being excluded”. This line is raw at it’s core. It captures how we try to control circumstances that we can’t control. The second line that I absolutely love is Marina asking “Can I have a fry?” It’s such a lovely moment, a white flag after a fight. In the words of Bella, *chef’s kiss*!