The Kaleidoscope Creators on Filmmaking, Part I

The Kaleidoscope Film
2 min readFeb 15, 2021

Get to know the filmmaking process of the Kaleidoscope film from the creators.

What was the biggest challenge of shooting?

Annabella: The biggest challenge of shooting was filming the car scenes while driving along the coast during a holiday weekend with multiple huge cameras! That was stressful.

Sofia: Driving and shooting! Man, on the first day, that was an experience! We got super lucky with the car, which allowed our film crew to move the camera’s for the different close ups.

Do you feel that being a creative person requires that you give back or tell a particular story?

Annabella: I think being a creative person requires that you continue being your truest self. It is easy to conform to an artistic identity that isn’t yours, but the most innovative creatives have stuck to their unique expressions, which allows for the best kind of art. In relation to Kaleidoscope, we always wanted to tell a story that related to our true selves, having experienced similar situations as the characters.

Sofia: Being a creative person requires authenticity, motivation, and execution. Creativity runs on a broad spectrum — being able to tell the stories that one has stored inside is vastly important , whether its for entertainment, reflection, or knowledge. The creative world is strictly storytelling.

Were there any funny stories from your filmmaking process?

Annabella: Too many to count! Never having a place to pee, eating more In n Out than I ever thought I could, sharing music and stories with the crew. The entire shoot was full of laughs.

Sofia: Lots of nature restroom stops!