Meet the Team

The Kaleidoscope Film
3 min readJan 28, 2021


SOFIA- Writer, producer, our PALOMA

Hi all! I’m Sofia, an LA based actor and creative. While I’ve lived most of my life is Southern California, I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and try to visit as often as possible. As an avid traveler, I’m a sucker for culture shock, storytelling, new experiences, and moonrise’s.

Most of my inspiration comes from the moments that make us human, those moments that are so small, we oftentimes take for granted.

This project means the world to Annabella and I. Thank you for being here and excited to have you along for the ride!

ANNABELLA- Writer, producer, our MARINA

Hi everyone! I’m Annabella, an Italian-American creative person based in Prague, Czech Republic. I love film photography, acting, filmmaking, and traveling, to name a few! I grew up in the Bay Area, California before moving to LA to go to USC. Once I moved to Europe, I was able to fuel my passion for traveling. I hope to visit every continent one day.

Kaleidoscope is a project I hold close to my heart. I hope you come to share the connection to the project as Sof and I do. Jump in- we can’t wait to take you along for the ride. 🚗

TARON- Director

He was our eyes, ears, and heart through this production and couldn’t imagine this being the project that it is without him.


Hey! I’m a filmmaker based out of LA, anything to do with making the magic of film come true is my passion. I primarily work in the camera department, pretty much anything behind the camera.

KIVA- 2nd AC/ Editor

Kiva is a junior film production major at Chapman University. Hailing from the Bay Area, Kiva has impressed dozens of family members with his collection of short films, music videos, and branded content for which he has amassed several million views

SHELBY- Production Assistant

Hiiii! I’m Shelby, an OC/LA based creative. Being a mixed child growing up “behind the Orange Curtain” I have always loved escape whether it be driving up the coast, throughout states or weekend trips across the Mexican border. I adore creative communication in all forms. It is an honor to be a part of this project that expresses such magic, passion and healing. This is only the beginning and I am in ecstasy!

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