Location, Location, Location!

The Kaleidoscope Film
3 min readJan 28, 2021

Throughout our entire writing process, well before we had the story lined up, we knew we wanted nature to inform the inner world of the characters and to mirror the moment they were going through for one main reason; emotions are as natural as the world around us. For this reason we chose two very important standing locations, a cliff and beach, and one moving location, the 1995 Bronco we call Doc.


The cliff we chose sits in Santa Barbara — and it is incredible. There is a lookout point mountainside where you have to climb and walk over rocks but you get to this spot that completely overlooks the Pacific Ocean. It is the duality that exists at the two ends of tension. It is dangerous if you’re not careful, while the rocks are sturdy, heavy, and unchanging much like each character is rooted in their unwavering perception of their ego.


The beach is where the waves break, where the high-tides turn to low-tides and low-tides to high-tides.
The ocean is chaotic, it is vast and contemplative. It is powerful and forgiving when coupled by the symbolism for water. A sort of baptismal surrender to life and the unknown.
When we shot this scene, we shot it in the middle of winter…and if you know the Pacific Ocean in Central California in December, you know it’s cold!
But our hearts were set on this one location. Why? Because it’s beach leaves a large strip of reflective sand at sunset that makes the ocean feel extraordinarily expansive.

1995 Ford Bronco, Doc

Our 3rd and most prevalent location is the 1995 Ford Bronco we call Doc. Doc’s scenes are synonymous with the growth of Marina and Paloma’s relationship as sisters. As the girls continue on their road trip, they start to open up with one another about their lives. Doc’s scenes literally and figuratively move the girls forward to get to a point where they understand and appreciate each other in a way they haven’t been able to before.

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