Kaleidoscope: The Origin

The Kaleidoscope Film
3 min readJan 28, 2021



The inspiration for Kaleidoscope comes from both writers’ life experiences as first- generation women who grew up in non-nuclear families. Both believe the situations and experiences they grew up in have not been written or portrayed in the media as often as it should. It is their hope to shed light on the impact of having open conversations about family dynamics while simultaneously showcasing how it is one’s own responsibility on how they decide to approach life circumstances and thus, changes.


Kaleidoscope follows two sisters, Marina and Paloma, driving back home for a family member’s funeral. On their trip, they reflect on their childhood as Marina unpacks the hurt of Paloma’s absence and Paloma unearths the root of her pain as the family outsider. Together, they work through the complexities of their family dynamics and their relationship as sisters.

Paloma (26) — Painter

  • Lives in: Venice, CA
  • Currently reading: Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay
  • Favorite color: yellow
  • Ideal Sunday morning: Picking up fresh ingredients from the local farmers market for dinner with friends
  • Favorite drink: Kombucha

Marina (20) FIDM student

  • Lives in: DTLA, CA
  • Currently Reading: The Language of Fashion by Roland Barthes
  • Favorite color: Anything Plaid
  • Ideal Sunday morning: Brunching with friends talking about last night’s adventures
  • Favorite Drink: Mescal Margarita


Kaleidoscope is written and produced by two female filmmakers, Sofia Kunz and Annabella Mineghino.

This world has a funny way of bringing people together. Annabella and Sofia met at USC transfer day, then again on their first day of Junior year classes. Fast forward to Senior year roommates on 29th street and onto conquering the rest of the world.

Sofia stayed in LA to unpack her artistic voice while Annabella moved to Prague to check out what the rest of the world is up to these days. Both girls continued their friendship thousand of miles from one another without questioning the next time they would see each other.

Earlier this year, they both felt an undeniable itch of creativity and leaned on one another to create this short and to share this story.

This process has reignited the undeniable importance of storytelling for both Sofia and Annabella. Our hope is that Cosmic Collective will allow us to highlight the fundamental moments of humanity, to explore honest conversations that have a high impact on our audience, and to ground us back to the beauty of life with a worldwide network.

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